“My Day”


Tööleht “My Day” kas iseseisvaks kasutamiseks või ILE 2 unit 7 toetamiseks.

Õpetaja: Ann Valang
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Welcome to “My Day” – an EFL worksheet designed to enhance your students’ vocabulary and reinforce their understanding of the third-person singular form.
This resource focuses on daily activities, providing an introduction to relevant vocabulary while incorporating targeted exercises to solidify the use of the third-person singular form.
The worksheet integrates a reading comprehension text that challenges them to rewrite the passage using the third-person singular form.
With a blend of linguistic reinforcement and cognitive engagement, “My Day” ensures an interactive and effective learning experience for your English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classroom. Get ready to witness your students master essential language skills in the context of their daily routines.
The resource includes a suggested key.
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