Recently, it has been increasingly stressed by educators that learning should be fun and enjoyable and school has to be a place children attend happily.
Much less has been said about making the teaching process fun and interesting for the teacher.
A joyful teacher who enjoys his/her work inspires pupils to develop a positive attitude towards learning.
TIF&E is an innovative company focusing on teaching aids that are aimed at making teaching fun not just for pupils but also the teacher. We are launching “100 games for language learning”. This is a card-based teaching material that is easy to use and can produce great results in classroom or home learning. The short, interesting and playful activities help to tune pupils into the lesson, revise vocabulary and fill time in class. The cards are designed so that the teacher can easily adapt them to their own class. They are suitable for learners of different levels and can be used at home, playschool or school.
In the beginning of 2015, the product won a special award in a contest “Let’s make the lesson more interesting” by Archimedes Foundation and the initiative “Interesting School”. The committee pointed out that the product is “diverse and consists of numerous tips and activities how to tune pupils into the lesson or fill time in class in the last minutes of the lesson”.

Try them now and see how rewarding the experience is for both you and your pupils!